Hey there! Welcome to Little Book Owl. So you want to know more about the blogger or the blog?

LITTLE BOOK OWL was founded on August 1st, 2011, created to keep track of the books she reads as well as expressing her thoughts and opinions. The books featured on the blog are for the majority, Young Adult fiction. While exploring the Little Book Owl, you will find book reviews, giveaways and anything book-related.

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THE GIRL BEHIND THE KEYBOARD, Catriona aka. the Little Book Owl, is an Australian BookTuber and book blogger who has a passion for reading. If you were to take a look at her book shelf, you would find it packed full of Young Adult fiction novels, with some Adult fiction scattered throughout. Her ideal story would include any or all of the following: action, space ships, magic, knights, romance, assassins, pirates.

How about getting a little more personal?
- owns a YouTube channel also dedicated to books
- enjoys long walks through a bookstore and cuddling up in bed with a block of chocolate
- interested in reading (obviously), games, art, fashion, web design, graphic design
- organised with everything except the state of her room

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