Top Ten Tuesday (10)

July 31, 2012

I am participating in Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by The Broke and the Bookish! Each week, there is a specific topic for a top ten list.

This weeks topic is:
Top Ten Characters I’d Like To Switch Places With For 24 Hours
These are in no particular order

1. - ANYONE FROM The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern
I just want to be in the world where the Night Circus exists. I want to be able to either visit it and experience its wonders, or be a part of it and be some incredibly talented circus-kid!

2. - Cinder FROM Cinder by Marissa Meyer
I am curious to see what it would be like to be a cyborg! And come on. Prince Kai, yes PLEASE.

3. - Anna FROM Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins
The boy. Etienne St. Clair. How could I resist?

4. - Lola FROM Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins
Same goes for Cricket. COME ON!

5. - Wendy FROM Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie
Peter Pan is one of my favourite stories. I would be the happiest person ever if I could travel to Neverland! (If Peter looked like Jeremy Sumpter, then that's a bonus)

6. - Alanna FROM The Song of the Lioness Series by Tamora Pierce
I think it would be so awesome to learn how to become a knight! Although, I would be incredibly terrible and manage to get myself killed whilst practising with blunt, wooden swords, no doubt.

7. - Hermione FROM The Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling
What's better than a witch, seriously. Plus, she is a pretty badass nerd.

8. - Amy FROM Across the Universe by Beth Revis
I would love to experience living on a space ship! I am sure I would eventually learn to hate being caged in like that, but I would love to give it a try.

9. - Rose FROM The Vampire Academy Series by Richelle Mead
Rose is awesome. And Dimitri is super sexy (wouldn't mind lovin' him).

10. - Death FROM The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak
I am fascinated by Death's narration, and would love being Death for a day. It would be interesting to be Death, and although seeing the things he/it would have seen would be pretty depressing, I am very curious.

Who would you be?

Lies Beneath by Anne Greenwood Brown

July 29, 2012

I received this book for free from the publisher through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Lies Beneath by Anne Greenwood Brown
Released: 12th June, 2012
Series: Lies Beneath Series [Book One]
Format: e-book
Publisher: Delacorte Books
Source: Netgalley
Buy it: The Book Depository (free shipping) | Amazon

Calder White lives in the cold, clear waters of Lake Superior, the only brother in a family of murderous mermaids. To survive, Calder and his sisters prey on humans, killing them to absorb their energy. But this summer the underwater clan targets Jason Hancock out of pure revenge. They blame Hancock for their mother's death and have been waiting a long time for him to return to his family's homestead on the lake. Hancock has a fear of water, so to lure him in, Calder sets out to seduce Hancock's daughter, Lily. Easy enough—especially as Calder has lots of practice using his irresistible good looks and charm on unsuspecting girls. Only this time Calder screws everything up: he falls for Lily—just as Lily starts to suspect that there's more to the monsters-in-the-lake legends than she ever imagined. And just as his sisters are losing patience with him.

Lies Beneath was the first mermaid novel I had ever read. And it was awesome (to put it simply). I went into this book not knowing what to expect. At all. I was pleased to find that,
1. There were KILLER MERMAIDS!
2. Calder's sisters were just so very evil
3. It was dark and mysterious
Let's just say that I like darker stories.

There were some twists and turns that I certainly did not see coming. Now that I think about it, they seemed a little obvious so I'm not certain if that is just due to my ignorance or not. Either way, the story was very intriguing and kept me hooked.

The story is from the perspective of Calder, a merman. It is always refreshing to read from a males point of view, and this was no different. But I will admit that I certainly wasn't expecting it, considering the cover which hints towards a more feminine approach to the story. It was interesting to see the contrast between Calder and his sisters, particularly on their mission to take revenge for their mothers death.

Calder personally, was an interesting character. I liked him more by the end of the story, because he was just a little creepy to start out. He was very charismatic, but sometimes a little too much, coming off very cocky on some occasions. He was extremely determined and strong-willed. I can understand why he did what he did with predatory motives, but they were still very stalker-ish. His initial interactions with Lily made me cringe. And she in turn reacted in an appropriate way.

Lily wasn't completely compelled by Calder straight away, rather she tried to avoid him as much as possible. She was intelligent and wasn't afraid to tell him to back off (even though he didn't listen). Their relationship developed and grew at a more gradual pace throughout the entirety of the story, however the shift between "AHH GET AWAY FROM ME, YOU CREEP" and "Actually, he's not so bad.." was a little quicker than I would have thought.

This book has opened me up to the world of mermaid in an unexpectedly good way. I wasn't aware that there was a sequel to Lies Beneath when I started reading it, but I am interested to see how things will resolve.

BookPushalooza! 9 books for .99 cents!

July 27, 2012

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Overview of Dark Isle

When evil begets evil, a choice is forced on Quinn, the one person who can see the danger. Does she save the ones she loves, or does she save the world from Chaos?

As the realms of Fae and human collide, Quinn's future has never looked so grim, or so damn impossible.

Genre- Urban Fantasy
Overview of Enemy in Blue

 The streets aren't safe when your enemy wears a blue uniform and a gold badge.
What if the good guys weren't good?
What if a cop went rogue and killed an innocent man?
What if it was all caught on video and the cop would do anything to cover it up?
Chase this lawless cop through the streets and to a scintillating series of showdowns with Cruz Marquez, a young attorney trying to nail down his enemy in blue.
Will justice be served?
Genre- Thriller

Overview of Land of the Noonday Sun

When two strangers have nothing left but their dreams, they must forge a relationship in Nantahala, North Carolina, a small town known as Land of the Noonday Sun.

A man with a traumatic past is able to turn his life around and is happy with his chosen career as a whitewater guide. Everything changes though when fate hurls a woman into his path. His carefree life is in turmoil, and his former weaknesses threaten to overtake him. Will he be strong enough when tragedy strikes and is once again in danger of losing everything he loves?
Genre- Contemporary Romance

Overview of This Time Forever

Delaney Brannigan and Blake Morrisson met at the Cedar Cove annual costume dance, known only to each other as the leopard and the cowboy--but, as Delaney soon discovers, the cowboy she'd thought had ridden off into the sunset never to tempt her again, is none other than the man she came from New York to find and discredit. Against her will, Delaney is drawn deeper and deeper into an overwhelming attraction to Blake--an attraction she can't give in to if she wants to keep the one thing she values more than anything else.
Genre- Contemporary Romance

Overview of Cassidy Jones and the Secret Formula

Fourteen-year-old Cassidy Jones wakes up the morning after a minor accident in the laboratory of a world-renowned geneticist to discover that her body has undergone some bizarre physical changes. Her senses, strength, and speed have been radically enhanced.

Lives are put at risk when they find themselves embroiled in a dangerous, action-packed adventure. Soon they are forced to confront a maniacal villain willing to do anything - including murder - to reach his own ambitious goals.

Genre- YA/MG Superhero

Overview of Gray Justice

Gray Justice is the fast-paced debut thriller from Alan McDermott. When a killer walks free from court, the victim's father sees just two options: accept the judge's decision; or take on the entire British justice system. Tom Gray chooses the latter and his crusade attracts instant worldwide media coverage. It was just what Tom was hoping for, but it brought him a lot more than he bargained for.

Gray Justice is much more than a simple tale of revenge: it's a rollercoaster ride with an ending you'll never forget!
Genre- Thriller

Overview of Gone at Zero Hundred 00:00

"Their lives are in the hands of two 18-year-olds..."
A Prominent P.I. is gunned down - killed by a sniper - and it’s broadcasted on live TV.
Now, her daughter, along with her childhood pal, are thrust into a complex and riveting thriller forced to take on a secret club whose members call themselves The Privileged Ones.
Murder. Teen abductions and illegal underground parties.
They’re chased by men in ski-masks, nearly gunned down by members of a cartel, and the only way to bring down this criminal enterprise; is to crash a Mardi Gras bash and stop their private cruise ship from sailing off into the sunset.


Overview of Allegiance

Who do YOU pledge allegiance to?

After exposing one of the most notorious rings of police corruption in history, lawyer Cruz Marquez planned on starting a new life south of the border. That plan unraveled when an extremist group of Minutemen captured and tortured him and his wife.

Will Cruz pledge allegiance to do right, or will he do anything to serve up revenge?

Genre- Thriller

Overview of Curbchek Reload

Curbchek-Reload is a dark account of the streets as they were worked by Zach Fortier, a dangerously deranged cop. Welcome back to the inner city and the twisted mentality of Zach Fortier. Patrolling the streets, broken and mentally damaged from years of urban violence, Zach fights a losing battle to maintain a hold on reality. Join him in the passenger seat of a police cruiser for more of the darker and meaner side of life: The inner city. In Curbchek-Reload you get a front row seat to an attempted murder of a cop, suicide attempts, rapes, and DARK cop humor. Curbchek-Reload - Fasten your bullet proof vest and buckle your seatbelt, it is gonna be a wild ride!

Genre- Police Procedural 

All winners will be notified via email July 28th 2012. For a list of winners contact

Top Ten Tuesday (9)

July 24, 2012

I am participating in Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by The Broke and the Bookish! Each week, there is a specific topic for a top ten list.

This weeks topic is:
Top Ten Most Vivid Worlds/Settings In Books

A Game of Thrones (Song of Ice and Fire, #1) / George R.R. Martin
1. - The Seven Kingdoms -
A Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin

The entire kingdom is just so detailed and incredibly well built. The TV series has definitely helped shape my vision of this world.

Cinder / Marissa Meyer
2. - New Beijing -
Cinder by Marissa Meyer

I absolutely loved the setting in Cinder. The palace and the marketplace, all of it was just beautiful.

Harry Potter / J.K. Rowling
3. - Hogwarts -
The Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling

Need I really explain myself here? This entire universe is so magical and fantastical and just amazing.

The Night Circus
4. - Le Cirque des Rêves -
The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

The Night Circus is such an amazing place! I wish I could go. Each tent is described in such a way that it brings the entire circus to life. I felt as if I were right there in the circus.

Uglies / Scott Westerfeld
5. - Uglyville / The Smoke -
Uglies by Scott Westerfeld

It was interesting to discover all of the sectors in this town as well as explore the wilderness!

Incarceron / Catherine Fisher
6. - Incarceron -
Incarceron by Catherin Fisher

I don't remember too much about this book as I read it a long time ago, but I can clearly picture the world of Incarceron. My mental visions of this universe have stayed with me very strongly.

The Hunger Games / Suzanne Collins
7. - Panem -
The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

Both the Districts, the Capitol and the Arena are just magnificent. The movie has provided a new insight into how this world could appear, but my own imagination of this world sticks in my mind.

Divergent / Veronica Roth
8. - Chicago -
Divergent by Veronica Roth

In Divergent, it is the faction headquarters that Tris trains in that is particularly vivid. 

Across the Universe / Beth Revis
9. - Godspeed -
Across the Universe by Beth Revis

The world building on this ship was wonderfully done. Each level explored was pictured clearly in my mind as I read this.

The Host / Stephenie Meyer
10. - The cave (Arizona) -
The Host by Stephenie Meyer

The cave setting in the host was so intricate and developed. I loved it!

Let me know what your favourite worlds/settings are.

Book Trailer: The Forsaken

July 19, 2012

The Forsaken by Lisa M. Stasse was published on July 10, 2012 by Simon & Schuster.

The Forsaken by Lisa M. Stasse
Released: July 10, 2012
Series: The Forsaken Series [Book One]
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Pages: 375
Buy it: Book Depository (free shipping) | Amazon

As an obedient orphan of the U.N.A. (the super-country that was once Mexico, the U.S., and Canada), Alenna learned at an early age to blend in and be quiet—having your parents taken by the police will do that to a girl. But Alenna can’t help but stand out when she fails a test that all sixteen-year-olds have to take: The test says she has a high capacity for brutal violence, and so she is sent to The Wheel, an island where all would-be criminals end up.

The life expectancy of prisoners on The Wheel is just two years, but with dirty, violent, and chaotic conditions, the time seems a lot longer as Alenna is forced to deal with civil wars for land ownership and machines that snatch kids out of their makeshift homes. Desperate, she and the other prisoners concoct a potentially fatal plan to flee the island. Survival may seem impossible, but Alenna is determined to achieve it anyway.

Divergent by Veronica Roth 2.0

July 15, 2012

I just uploaded a video review of Divergent on YouTube, 11 months after posting my written review. Since I didn't think it was necessary to delete the old one, or post a new review - I have combined the two. So here is review 1.0 and 2.0 of Divergent by Veronica Roth.

Divergent by Veronica Roth
Released: May 3, 2011
Series: Divergent Trilogy [Book One]
Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books
Pages: 496
Source: Purchased
Buy it: Book Depository (free shipping) | Amazon

In Beatrice Prior's dystopian Chicago, society is divided into five factions, each dedicated to the cultivation of a particular virtue - Candor (the honest), Abnegation (the selfless), Dauntless (the brave), Amity (the peaceful), and Erudite (the intelligent). On an appointed day of every year, all sixteen-year-olds must select the faction to which they will devote the rest of their lives. For Beatrice, the decision is between staying with her family and being who she really is - she can't have both. So she makes a choice that surprises everyone, including herself.

During the highly competitive initiation that follows, Beatrice renames herself Tris and struggles to determine who her friends really are - and where, exactly, a romance with a sometime fascination, sometimes infuriating boy fits into the life she's chosen. But Tris also has a secret, one she's kept hidden from everyone because she's been warned it can mean death. And as she discovers a growing conflict that threatens to unravel her seemingly perfect society, she also learns that her secret might help her save those she loves… or it might destroy her.

2.0 (July 2012)

1.0 (August 2011)
I will just come out and say it: I loved Divergent. Veronica Roth has done a magnificent job at creating the dystopian Chicago, her characters and the plot. Even the cover is beautiful - that is what drew me into the world to start off with. The flame design in particular is just amazing, symbolically for the story as well as aesthetically. I would wholeheartedly recommend this novel to anyone I came across. Just AMAZING!

I only had one thing that I could pick at from the book - the pacing at the beginning was a little slow. The story took a couple of chapters to really pick up momentum and really get into the story, but I didn't find it tedious or dragging. It just simply took a short while to really start getting into the good stuff. But aside from that, the pacing begins to move forward more fluidly and by the end of the story, things are moving along nice and quickly - which suits the magnitude of the action. The book comes shy off 500 pages and even still, I devoured the novel in a day or two.

Roth's writing is so unique and incredibly well with both the story and Tris's character. I developed a connection with Tris emotionally and as I read, I really felt what she would have felt in certain situations: butterflies in my stomach when nervous is fearful; becoming teary when Tris has gone through something upsetting; couldn't stop smiling when something simply adorable or hilarious pops up. This aspect really boosted my opinions for Roth's writing skill.

And just expanding on that last point - I found myself giggling a few times at a couple of instances throughout the book. I don't know why, but this following quote make me laugh so much:

"That's my girl. Tough as cotton balls." - page 411

Tris is a very strong and brave character, and I love her for that. I admire Tris' ability to take control of situations that could go so wrong. Although she has a certain strength, she has a vulnerability that adds more dimension and personality to her character. Nobody is perfect and Tris' flaws both help and threaten her position. She is able to use it to her advantage, whilst it can also be a bit dangerous, depending on the situation. Alongside Tris is a huge cast of side characters which are all so important to the story. The people she meets along the way help Tris to discover who she is, and they were all fleshed out enough to contribute their part to the story without taking over from Tris' journey.

Divergent is a truly phenomenal story, which you should all go out and buy right now if you haven't already! The plot is so unique and intriguing, the characters are lovable and Roth's execution of her story was done brilliantly. Seriously, read it now. If you have already, read it again.

What are your opinions on Divergent?

The Paper Book vs. the Digital Reader

July 13, 2012

Today I have a guest post from Chris Lee. Chris will be discussing the ongoing debate between traditional, published books and the new digital reader.

There’s something inherently charming about going to an old bookshop, digging through the shelves, and coming away with some new books to place lovingly on your bookshelf. But there’s also something inherently easier about downloading any book you want instantly to a sleek, lightweight ebook reader. I’m here today to weigh up the pros and cons of each option and (diplomatically) suggest a lovely compromise.

Which is more convenient?
In terms of size, definitely the reader: the average book is 10x20x3cm (purely speculative!), whereas the Sony reader I’ve got on my desk is 11x17x.8cm – much sleeker, easier to slip into a bag (or even a pocket if you’ve got a particularly roomy coat), and of course lighter.
- 1-0 to the reader

Which is easier to use?
In terms of ease of use, I vote the reader: while there are buttons to use, they’re not complicated at all and once you’ve got the hang of it, it’s no harder than turning a page. Flicking between books on a reader is easier than getting up and getting another book on the shelf, as is making notes and marking sections.
- 2-0

Which has more variety?
On an solitary level, a book is relatively limited, whereas one reader can have hundreds of volumes on it at one time. If you consider the entire catalogue of books ever published, books certainly have more variety, although on a more immediate level, readers represent more variety. You can have books, RSS feeds, newspaper and magazine subscriptions, and many other text based files at your fingertips.
- This one depends. Let’s give the point to books: 2-1

So this three part comparison ended with the reader coming out on top as a more convenient device, but that doesn’t mean to suggest you should discard your book collection. It is my honest belief that readers and their antiquated physical counterparts can live in harmony - what do you think?

Once Upon a Read-a-thon: Results

July 12, 2012

Books Finished:
Anna Dressed in Blood - Kendare Blake
Looking for Alaska - John Green

Books NOT Finished:
Cloudworld - David Cunningham (I got halfway through)
Dirty Magic - Carol Hughes

Total pages read: 565

I am so glad that this time around, I actually finished a book. Last time I only read maybe half of A Game of Thrones - however I think the read-a-thon was only for 24 hours. I am pleased with how much I read, and hopefully next time I can focus a little more!

So I finished Anna Dressed in Blood, fully completed Looking for Alaska and made it just past halfway through Cloudworld. So technically I read 2 books. Technically. And I got completely distracted - a lot. But that's to be expected, knowing me.

Cover Reveal: Clockwork Princess

Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare has a cover, and it is beautiful!

After 30,000 tweets and a worldwide trending topic on Twitter, this GORGEOUS cover was revealed (and in less than 2 hours!)
Although I have not read any of the Infernal Devices books (and ONLY City of Bones) I am sold! I need to get a move on and get these books as soon as possible. The dress is absolutely stunning, and I love the open book with the light pouring out. The covers for this entire series are amazing:

Once Upon a Read-a-thon: Day 3

July 11, 2012

Day #3

Books read today: 
Cloudworld (in progress)

Total pages read today: -

Total pages read: 331

Hour 49

Currently Reading: Cloudworld

Pages read so far: -

Thoughts/Notes: I am pretty sure that I have absolutely no plans now that will interfere for the rest of this read-a-thon. So time to get reading!

Hour 71

Currently Reading: Cloudworld

Pages read so far: 86

Thoughts/Notes: The last hour and a half! I'm gonna pump out the reading!

Once Upon a Read-a-Thon: Day 2

July 10, 2012

Day #2

Books read today: 
Looking for Alaska
Cloudworld (in progress)

Total pages read today: 179

Total pages read: 331

Hour 26

Currently Reading: Looking for Alaska

Pages read so far: -

Thoughts/Notes: Unfortunately I was a little busy today so I haven't had much time to read. But that is about to change. See you in a few hours, I need to read!

Hour 31

Currently Reading: Looking for Alaska

Pages read so far: 49

Thoughts/Notes: I get so distracted! YouTube and Twitter and the TV. I need to find a quiet place to just read.

Hour 44

Currently Reading: Cloudworld

Pages read so far: 155

Thoughts/Notes: I finished Looking for Alaska! The last half of the book really drew me in and I couldn't put it down - the first half was a different story. Now I am onto my third book for this read-a-thon. I have only read a few pages of it so far, so I hope it is good!

Once Upon a Read-a-Thon: Day 1

July 9, 2012

Day #1

Books Read: 
Anna Dressed in Blood
Looking for Alaska (in progress)

Total pages read today: -

Total pages read: -

Hour 6

Currently Reading: Looking for Alaska

Pages read so far: 80

Thoughts/Notes: I have finished one book so far - to be perfectly honest I just finished reading the end of a book that I was already reading.
Now to get comfy again and begin another wonderful read!

Once Upon A Read-a-Thon

The Once Upon a Read-a-Thon is running from the 9th-11th of July. For all of the details, and if you would like to sign up, visit one of the host's blogs:
Candace's Book Blog, Reading Angel or Pure Imagination

My last Read-a-Thon was a bit of a fail, I know. But heck, why not give it another try?


- Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake (already reading)
- Looking for Alaska by John Green
- Dirty Magic by Carol Hughes
- Cloudworld by David Cunningham

I will be posting later on today with an update of my progress!

June Wrap Up | 2012

July 3, 2012

I don't have a Book Haul for June, which is very depressing.

June Wrap Up:

- Insurgent by Veronica Roth
- Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi
- Hamlet by William Shakespeare
- In the Shadow of Vesuvius by Liz Carmicahel

July TBR:

- Dirty Magic by Carol Hughes
- The Luxe by Anna Godberson
- Cloud World by David Cunningham
- Maximum Ride Angel Experiment by James Patterson

In the Shadow of Vesuvius Blog Tour

July 1, 2012

I received this book for free from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Today I am here with a review of In the Shadow of Vesuvius by Liz Carmichael. If you are interested in reading it, head to Amazon between July 2nd-4th for free!

In The Shadow of Vesuvius by Liz Carmichael
Released: 3rd April, 2011
Series: n/a
Format: e-book
Publisher: Smashwords
Source: Author
Buy it: Amazon

Vesuvius is Awakening. Mira, a fifteen-year old slave who saw the coming death and destruction in a vision. Now it is time to fulfill the vow she made to the mother of the Roman child in her care.

To do this, she must escape the watchful eye of the slave ordered to guard her, and the stubborn father who refuses to believe there is any danger. Before Mount Vesuvius erupts and buries the town, she has to convince her guard to go with her or suffer the fate of Herculaneum and all who have not yet fled to safety.

Seeing his neighbours leave, her owner decides to join them, but first he will make sacrifices to the gods. To Mira’s dismay he takes them to the temple farthest from the best escape route.

Mira thinks about killing the slave keeping watch on her, or even better the child’s father, then they can all run from the certain death she knows is on its way.

But can she commit murder, even if to save the life of the child she loves?

In the Shadow of Vesuvius takes you back to a horrific event from history through the intriguing adventure of a young slave. The story is fast-paced and keeps you wanting to know who survives.

The story flows at a quick pace and although the plot is pretty intense, it doesn't linger on some of the devastating moments. Liz Carmichael executes this in such a way that Mira doesn't appear dismissive, rather she is deeply compelled to protect the child in her care. She looks out for his needs first, telling herself not to waste time thinking about things that she cannot control. She is a very strong and determined character.

Furthermore, it is highly engaging. The suspense of wanting to know what happens to Mira and her little entourage keeps you reading. As a historical event, we know how things end at Mount Vesuvius, making this story all the more engrossing - does Mira share the same fate as so many others? Or does she manage to escape?

In the Shadow of Vesuvius is a wonderful and enjoyable read. It is easy to whizz through and keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout. I recommend giving it a try!


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