April Readathon Guide

March 20, 2018

It's time to start preparing for next month's readathons! Here is a list of readathons happening in April, with further information about challenges/themes.

Be sure to check back here in case this post is updated with more/new readathons!

For the complete readathon calendar for 2018, visit this page.

SuperheroAThon is, you guessed it, based on superheroes!

25 March - 8 April

Iron Man - an oldie but a goodie
Captain America - a book that represents your country
Captain marvel - a new release that has grabbed your attention
Ant-Man - a tiny book that packs a punch
Hulk Smash! - an intimidating book on your TBR that you want to smash out
Black Panther - a book with a POC main character
Thor - a book set in a different world


Unslump-A-Thon aims to get you (or keep you) out of a reading slump.

31 March - 7 April

A book under 200 pages
An old favourite OR a book from your favourite genre
Read a book while drinking your fave warm drink
A graphic novel/manga/comic
A middle grade or children's book
A novella
An ebook OR listen to an audiobook


Grab On Readathon is a quarterly readathon which will help you tackle your TBR.

1-7 April

Group Read: The Wicked Deep by Shea Ernshaw

A book with a name in the title
A first book in a series
A book from a genre you haven't read yet this year
A book with LGBTQIAP+ representation
A book chosen for you by someone else
A book set in a different time than the present


ApTHRILL is a month-long readathon designed for reading as many thriller, horror and suspense novels as you can.

1-30 April

Theme: Thriller, horror and suspense novels


Spring Into Horror is one of the month-long Seasons of Reading readathons that occur once per season.

1-30 April

Challenge: Read at least one scary book


The aim of Apocalyse-A-Thon is to read/listen to 5 books during the month. Each book must relate to one of the below prompts, which are open to your interpretation.

1-30 April

Natural disaster
Creature feature
Out of this world
With a little help from my friends
A classic


Empty Shelfie occurs every month and each round has a different set of reading challenges. They also host a monthly book club on Goodreads. 
This version of Empty Shelfie is 'Under the Sea' themed!

1-30 April

Theme: Under the Sea
A book about a cruise
A book with water on the cover
A book set in a foreign land
A book with a marine/tropical word in the title
A book that has gold/yellow and blue on the cover


The BookTube ReReadathon is a series of monthly readathons that occur every month. Each month there are different challenges that push you to reread various types of books.

1-30 April 

Reread a book that confused you and/or you had mixed feeling about


AprilAThon is a low-key readathon hosted by Booktuber Aprilius Maximus.

2-8 April

A book that you acquired recently
A book with a beautiful cover
A book you've been meaning to read for ages
A book with your favourite colour on the cover
A hyped book OR a book that has been recommended to you
A book that you're excited to read


The #AYearAThon occurs once a month, and each round has its own theme and challenge. The theme determines what books you will read for the readathon, and the challenge is an optional prompt.

2-8 April

Theme: Benchwarmers
Challenge: One word titles


The Magic Readathon is inspired by the OWL exams from Harry Potter. Each reading challenge is based on a class from Hogwarts, and the more you complete, the higher your OWL grade.

2-29 April

Reading Challenges:
Ancient Runes - a book with a symbol on the cover
Arithmacy - a book with a number on the cover/in the title
Astronomy - a science fiction novel
Care of Magical Creatures - a book that includes magical creatures OR features a magical creature on the cover
Charms - a fantasy book
Defense Against the Dark Arts - a book about/featuring secret societies/clubs
Divination - a book featuring prophecies
Herbology - a book with a nature related word in the title
History of Magic - a historical fiction
Magical Studies - a muggle non-fiction book
Potions - a book about/with alchemy
Transfiguration - a book that deals with transfiguration/shapeshifting OR a book with a cat on the cover


Duodecathon is a series of week-long readathons that occur once a month. There are 12 challenges in total, and each round you can choose 1 of the 12 to complete so that by the end of the year, you have completed all 12 challenges.

8-14 April

Challenges:  choose one of the following
Read 1,200 pages
A second book in a series
A book about a villain/antihero
A book published the year you were born
A 2018 bestseller
An award-winning book
A book with multiple points of view
A book with antonyms in the title
A banned book
A book with a great first line
A "high school" book you haven't read
A book recommended by someone in the Duodecathon Goodreads group


Unicorn Readathon is all about reading books with magical creatures!

9-15 April

Theme: Read books with magical creatures
in the title/on the cover/in the story


BookBuddyAThon is a readathon that you participate in alongside a buddy!

9-15 April

Reading Challenges:


Cover Love Readathon focuses on reading any cover buys you've made that still reside on your the shelves

14-15 April


Spring Readathon is a low-key readathon - you can ready anything you want, and as little/much as you want!

16-20 April


Dewey's 24 Hour Readathon occurs twice a year. There are no reading challenges, however they do host mini-challenges throughout the readathon here.

28 April


A Novel Experience Readathon is a readathon hosted in the memory of BookTuber, A Novel Experience.

28-29 April

A book from Kerry's TBR shelf (here)
A book that Kerry gave a 4 or 5 star rating (here)
Read a book while wearing turquoise
Read a book by candlelight


Alphabethon is a series of readathons, with each round focusing on one letter of the alphabet. With each round, you progress one letter through the alphabet. You can read books with titles and/or author names that start with that letter.

30 April - 6 May

Letter: F



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