Meet the Characters: Strange the Dreamer

October 3, 2018

The Strange the Dreamer duology is filled with a myriad of wonderful, strange and fascinating characters whose lives are interwoven in complex and surprising ways. If you haven't had the pleasure of meeting them yet, then I hope you enjoy this short introduction to just a handful of the characters you will meet - and this is just a taste, you'll have to read the books to really get to know them!

The amazing character art below is stunning! I believe they were all designed by Lesya of BlackBirdInk, go and check out the rest of their work here!

LAZLO STRANGE aka Strange the Dreamer

I like to call Lazlo the 'loveable librarian'. He is a curious soul, filled with so much wonder and amazement. He loves stories and, most of all, wants to unravel the mysteries of the mythical city of Weep.

SARAI aka The Muse of Nightmares

Sarai... sweet, sweet, Sarai. She is compassionate and full of love and longing. Sarai is loyal, but she also stands by what she believes.


This fiesty young godspawn is manipulative and cunning, and sometimes downright terrifying. But at her core she has the deepest love for her family, which is the driving force for everything she does.

RUBY aka Bonfire

Ruby is flame incarnate: she is volatile and wild and restless. But most of all, she is passionate and wants to devour life and all that is has to offer.

FERAL aka Cloud Thief

He is the protective brotherly figure that I really admire. He's a smart fellow, but maybe not the most clued in when it comes to the female species despite only being surrounded by women his entire life.

SPARROW aka Orchid Witch

The sweetest, most kind-hearted character you will meet is Sparrow. She is calm and shy, but treasures the relationships she has with her family and, if necessary, will do what it takes to protect them.


Thyon Nero is a lot of things: noble born, an alchemist, the golden son, handsome, privileged and charming. He is also... a bit of a dick. And I kinda liked it (no, I'm not into assholes for the sake of being assholes, read the series to understand why I appreciate Thyon).

A special thanks to Hachette Australia for sponsoring this post!


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