BookTube Week: Ask away!

July 2, 2014

Kaitlin over at YA, YA, and More YA is organising an event from July 7th-12th, called Booktube Week, which she has asked me to be a part of. The exciting this is that this also means that YOU can join in, too!

Essentially, all I need you to do is ask me some questions through twitter, by tweeting to Kaitlin: @imajarofhearts, with the hashtag #BTWLittleBookOwl and that is it! Some of the questions will be selected and forwarded to me for an interview that will be published over on YA, YA, and More YA during Booktube Week.

So if you have any questions for me, anything you'd like to know at all, then go ahead and tweet Kaitlin. Don't forget to use the hastag #BTWLittleBookOwl!


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