Dewey's 24-Hour Read-a-Thon [April 2014]

April 25, 2014

The Read-a-thon is BACK!

It is running on Saturday April 26th, from 5am Pacific Time/8am Eastern Time/1pm British Summer Time/11pm Australian Eastern Time. Why not join in on the fun? All you have to do is submit your name and blog/twitter/youtube/etc. URL on the link on this page:

I will be posting updates throughout the next 24 hours on Twitter and on the blog. I will also be doing a a final update on what I've read, page count, etc.

For those participating, I'd love to see what you have planned to read, so feel free to share your TBR links or lists below!

Planned Reading:
- Ransom by David Malouf
- Dangerous by Shannon Hale

Normally I like to read shorter books, and more of them, but due to my required reading schedule I've had to stick with things that need to be read ASAP. If I ever get stuck with what I'm reading, my plan is to pick up some of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes stories! I've been meaning to continue reading these, but I keep forgetting.


  1. I plan on continuing reading the "Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy"- series by Douglas Adams, I read the frist book during easter, they are short (around 200 pages each) and really hilarious! (there are 4 of them). :)
    I love watching you're videos!!! :D

  2. I plan on finishing Razorhurst by Justine Larbalestier. I will also be reading the Hunger Pains as it is a small and hopefully comedic book. If I have time then I'll re-read a John Green book.

  3. Sounds like great fun! I posted a blog post with my reading list here

    And it actually starts at 10pm in Sydney! They got times wrong cause of daylight savings (I assume). I wouldn't want you to start late of you don't have to :)



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