January 28, 2012

Buy This Book from Book Depository, Free Delivery World Wide

Hey guys! So I want to make a post about this so I can explain some things.

I just became an affiliate with It is an online bookstore which ships FREE worldwide, and I buy pretty much all of my books there. The reason for this is to benefit you, I promise.

I am not the richest person ever, and buying books so frequently can be pretty expensive. Now, in the near future I plan on hosting some awesome giveaways. I understand that eventually this may become too difficult or expensive depending on how often and the kinds of prizes I decide to offer. An easy solution to this is this new affiliation. Basically, if you purchase a book on the site through my referral, I will receive a commission. This commission will then be used for books and swag to offer in giveaways on this blog or my YouTube channel.

I would really appreciate your support, so if you are interesting in buying any books please consider The Book Depository. Just click on the button above, or the one located in the sidebar >>

If you are interested in becoming an affiliate yourself and earning a commission for each book purchased through your referral, then click HERE to sign up.


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