Cover Reveal: Clockwork Princess

July 12, 2012

Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare has a cover, and it is beautiful!

After 30,000 tweets and a worldwide trending topic on Twitter, this GORGEOUS cover was revealed (and in less than 2 hours!)
Although I have not read any of the Infernal Devices books (and ONLY City of Bones) I am sold! I need to get a move on and get these books as soon as possible. The dress is absolutely stunning, and I love the open book with the light pouring out. The covers for this entire series are amazing:


  1. Holy crap it's beautiful!!! So excited :D
    Can't believe you haven't read the other books! :O

  2. You must read these books immediately!

  3. Oh dear, yes! You definitely should. I love the Infernal Devices so much, I think it's better than TMI. :)



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