Once Upon a Read-a-thon: Results

July 12, 2012

Books Finished:
Anna Dressed in Blood - Kendare Blake
Looking for Alaska - John Green

Books NOT Finished:
Cloudworld - David Cunningham (I got halfway through)
Dirty Magic - Carol Hughes

Total pages read: 565

I am so glad that this time around, I actually finished a book. Last time I only read maybe half of A Game of Thrones - however I think the read-a-thon was only for 24 hours. I am pleased with how much I read, and hopefully next time I can focus a little more!

So I finished Anna Dressed in Blood, fully completed Looking for Alaska and made it just past halfway through Cloudworld. So technically I read 2 books. Technically. And I got completely distracted - a lot. But that's to be expected, knowing me.


  1. Wow. That's a lot of reading in 48 hours! Hope you'll want to finish "CloudWorld". If not, I'm in good company with George R Martin!

    All best wishes,
    David McAlpine Cunningham

    1. I am still reading it :) Hopefully finish it in the next couple of days!
      I will also be putting a review of it up, if you would like me to email you when it's published?



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